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I am a professional programmer and a programming hobbist. The purpose of this page is to provide links to topics concerned the areas of computer programming in which I am working or playing.

The following list of links will continue to grow.

Web Programming:
This page contains a link to my "quick-and-dirty" beginning HTML tutorial.

Sockets Programming:
These pages cover network/internet programming with sockets from a beginner's perspective, mainly because I am a beginner at it. It will contain links and references that I have found, along with my own description of what I have learned.

  • Changing the "View Extensions" Option in Windows
    Windows uses files extensions to identify what kind of file it is and what application program to run when you double-click on that file's icon. However, at some point Microsoft decided that it would offer the option to not display those file extensions and then they did the most bone-headed thing possible: they turned on that option by default. And in so doing, they aided every single hacker out to infect your computer with worms and viri attached to emails.

    On this page, I explain how to turn that option off and why it's important that you do so.

  • Generating a Hex Dump
    A brief exploration of hex dumps and some simple C code to display a hex dump of binary data.

  • Evaluating (x + x * ++x)
    A problem presented in Java class one night prompted me to do a little experimenting. This page presents the results of my experiments.

    BTW, such expressions are to be avoided. It turns out that different languages and compilers will give you different results.

I have worked professionally as a software engineer since 1982 and with MS-DOS and Windows systems since 1987. I arrived at my profession almost by accident through a kind of an odd path of foreign language study, followed by Air Force training in electronic computer systems repair, followed by the earning of a BS Computer Science while on active duty, all of which does tie together, believe it or not. I earned my BS Computer Science in 1979 at the University of North Dakota at Grand Forks and have worked professionally as a software engineer since leaving active duty in 1982.

I have tried continually to broaden my knowledge and experience, which is quite necessary in the software field. I have studied a variety of programming and scripting languages as well as working under UNIX/Linux, though my professional work is primarily embedded programming in C and writing utility applications in C++ in a Windows environment. My current areas of study/play include network programming (sockets) and C#. And I'm a participating member of the Dev Shed C Programming Forum as DWise1_AOL.

Around 1996, I started learning HTML and so I created a website on AOL as a Lehrstück, a practice piece to help me learn and practice web programming techniques and with which to experiment. However, content took over very quickly and superceded experimentation. Then a few years ago AOL suddenly and abruptly left the web hosting business. I had other more pressing matters to attend to, but now I'm bringing my site back on-line.

Back on AOL, I had posted the programming portion of my site under the screenname, DSC30574. So in case you were curious about that screenname:

So, Data Systems Technician Chief Petty Officer (DSC) + AFSC 30574 yields DSC30574.

FYI, the DS rating was disestablished in 1998 and merged back in with the Electronics Technician (ET) and Fire Control Technician (FCT) ratings; I became an ETC. A burial ceremony ceremony was conducted on 30 Sep 1998.

Share and enjoy!

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